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OPI has always been one of my favorite nail polish lines, so one day before a trip to the salon, I searched the app store on my iPhone out of curiosity.  Once I discovered the OPI app, I knew I instantly had to download. Since then, this app has become one of my go-to’s before my visit to the nail salon. Like many other beauty apps,  this one allows me to preview the color on my skin tone, or one closest to it.

It eliminates playing the guessing game to find the right shade, and I don’t have to wonder if I will like the color on my complexion.

A great thing about this app, is that there are no restrictions when it comes to nail colors. Instead of showing you a select few, the OPI app shows all of the colors within its most recent collections, as well of the entire line. Whether you’re looking for the right shade of pink, or maybe something on the metallic side, this app has it all. Once you pick a color in the app, you can adjust the skin tone of the hand so that it resembles your own using the scroll bar on the bottom left side.





Another cool feature of the app that I just discovered within the last couple minutes (Consider this a Panache exclusive!), is that you can also adjust the nail length to your preference hand using the bottom right scroll bar. Usually I tend to wear my nails shorter, but since I am growing them out I was able to adjust them to my current length while testing my favorite colors.

This free app also lets you store all of your likes, search for your favorite colors, connect to their Facebook page, and tells you whether or not the color has been retired using the search box.  If you are one of those women (like myself) that picks up a few different colors at the salon, and starts painting each nail a different color to see what the colors looks like, then the OPI app is definitely for you! It is extremely useful, and saves so much time when buying or choosing a color for your next manicure. If you haven’t already done so, I would definitely suggest downloading this app.

Beauty lovers – What are some of your favorite beauty apps? What do you think of this app? Let’s talk beauty, and let me know!


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Irena Laster

Irena Laster

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