DIY Boho-Chic Flower Crowns!


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Spring is finally here to stay, and also marks the start of festival season! If you stay on top of the latest fashion trends, you’ll notice that wearing flower crowns and music festivals (i.e. Coachella anyone?) go hand in hand. Even if you aren’t into music festivals but still love the boho-chic look during the Summer, a flower crown is the perfect accessory to complete your look!


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In the time I’ve spent browsing online for the perfect flower crown, I’ve noticed that these hair accessories can range from being moderately priced, to pretty pricey. Actually, VERY pricey depending on the website. Some accessories are worth the extra money, however, the flower crown is not one of them in my opinion. With websites like YouTube and Pinterest which have countless tutorials, why spend an unnecessary amount of money on something that can only be worn a few months out of the year? Not to mention you can make your own, FOR LESS than what you’d spend if you actually went out and bought one.

DIY flower crown

Photo credit: Inside the Life of a Goddess

Now I’m not the most artistic person, but these tutorials seem do-able. Check out these 4 easy DIY flower crown tutorials below! 1. Calico Skies This one also includes a step by step picture guide. I’m a visual learner, so something like this helps A LOT so that I don’t have to wonder if my crown looks right. 2. DIY Flower Headband A DIY activity that takes a maximum of 10 minutes, and only requires fabric flowers, a plastic headband, and a hot glue gun? Count me in. 3. Weddingirl This is another good tutorial for visual learners. This is actually a video tutorial, so the good thing is you can hit pause or rewind if you need to! 4. DIY Midsummer Crown Instructs you to arrange into mini bouquets which saves time and makes the building and arranging much easier! I think I’m most likely to try the tutorial from Weddingirl or the flower headband. Know of any other easy flower crown tutorials? Let me know and leave a comment below!

Irena Laster

Irena Laster

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