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Have you heard Panache has relocated to Charlotte,NC?

I decided to move to a new city and as a result, so has Panache! Panache Style Group is now headquartered in the beautiful city of Charlotte. I have been in Charlotte about 3 months and what inspired the move was the fact that I literally fell in love with this city back in college and subsequent visits since then confirmed this to be the place I wanted to call home. It is the perfect combination of a beautiful city, beautiful weather, and a welcome change of scenery.


The Uptown Charlotte Skyline

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

What I enjoy most is that Charlotte has an urban vibe with southern charm. Growing up in the suburbs of MD and being so close to the city life in Washington, DC I didn’t want to stray too far from all of the entertainment options being near a big city provides, but I love the southern comfort and flair of the suburbs here.  It has been a major transition finding a place to live, adjusting to new surroundings, and meeting new people. But that’s the appeal of a new city, finding your way around, and getting acclimated.


Me at the taste of Charlotte

Over the last 10-15 years there has been an influx of several large companies from varying industries relocating their headquarters here, and as a result, it is literally a melting pot of people living here who are transplants from all over the US and abroad. Charlotte is also known for their beautiful homes, scenic drives, sports culture, uptown business district, and their amazing restaurants!

The Asbury Restaurant where I had the most amazing brunch the other day, a quaint little must try if you ever visit Charlotte!

Panache will be great here, there are lots of great department stores and fashion forward boutiques perfect for shopping for clients and staying on top of the latest trends. Be sure to let anyone you know looking to upgrade their style, update their wardrobes, or edit their existing clothing pieces that we are here to provide them with an amazing style experience.


Southpark Mall in Charlotte

Photo Courtesy of  charlottesgotalot.com

Staying true to our roots, Irena our social media maven is still in the MD, DC, VA area and is still representing for us where we started! We have been taking a little break as I have transitioned but we are back in the saddle! Keep looking out for Pinterest eblasts, blog posts, and other exciting news. If you haven’t joined our mailing list now is the time! And don’t forget about our virtual styling services for those of you still in the DMV or elsewhere in the U.S.!

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